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Here at Pavers Shoes, we believe in making people feel as comfortable and as happy as possible. We know that the right pair of shoes can make the difference between a good and bad day….so, let us help you make your next shoe day be the very best it can be. We promise you won’t look back!

The Pavers story began over 50 years ago in England. Founded by Catherine Paver, a mother to three boys, she had big dreams of changing the world of footwear and a passion to provide comfortable and stylish shoes to all.

Cathy went to the bank for a business loan and was told it couldn’t be done. So, with her tenacious and determined spirit, Cathy returned, taking out a £200 loan (about $260) for what they believed was for a sofa, and this is where Pavers Shoes was born.

Created from small beginnings, Pavers Shoes has grown to be a UK leader in today’s comfort footwear industry, continuing as an independent, family-run business. With almost 50 years of shoe-fitting knowledge behind us and an innovative spirit inherited by Cathy, our homegrown heritage and family values remain firmly at the core of everything that we do. Where taking care of your feet is our priority.

The story so far...

Cathy Paver in 1965

The best stories start with a great beginning ...

With a £200 loan from the bank Catherine Paver founded Pavers Shoes, she started small, selling shoes at village halls and homeware parties. And the rest, they say, is history…

Our first store opens in Scarborough, England

Next stop, the highstreet ...

After ten years of hard work and determination, Pavers opened its first shoe shop in Scarborough, Yorkshire. Cathy was joined by her three sons Ian, Graham, and Stuart (now Managing Director) and then further Pavers Stores opened across the UK.

Eco-friendly Distribution Center

Good places bring you good shoes ...

The demand for shoes was growing and our eco-friendly distribution center was built, making a home for us and our shoes but it was built with the environment in mind.

Cathy Paver receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award

Drapers Lifetime Achievement Award

36 years after Pavers was founded, Cathy was presented with Drapers’ prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

Pavers TV

Lights, Camera, Action ...

Pavers TV, the world’s first television shopping channel entirely dedicated to shoes arrived on screens across the nation.

Utsav Seth, CEO and MD, Pavers England

Pavers England Opened its Doors in India ...

Our joint Indian venture, Pavers England, became the first foreign retailer to establish wholly-owned stores in India. 2016 also saw this venture open our first stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Cathy Paver, Ian Paver, Stuart Paver and Graham Paver

UK'S Top 100 Entrepreneurs ...

At the age of 83, Cathy featured in Management Today’s prestigious UK Top 100 Entrepreneur List, her dedication and success were acknowledged alongside entrepreneurs such as James Dyson and Vivienne Westwood.

Jones Store 2018

Jones Bootmaker & Herring Shoes Join Pavers ...

Pavers Shoes bought Jones Bootmaker and Herring Shoes, footwear companies both born from humble beginnings and established as family businesses. The Pavers Foundation was launched, an employee-led charitable trust dedicated to supporting causes, so far we have donated over $750,000.

Jason and Stuart Paver 2019

Entrepreneur Of The Year

To celebrate 20 years as Managing Director, Stuart Paver was recognised for two prestigious awards, The EY Entrepreneur of the Year Award that spotlights inspiring entrepreneurial leaders, and, The Direct Commerce Lifetime Achievement Award, and accolade that recognises outstanding contributions to commerce.

Our favorite color is green ...

  • We recycle around 500 tonnes of cardboard each year, that’s the weight of 75 elephants!
  • Our plastic bags not only carry great styles but are made from 50% of recycled materials too.
  • Did you know our solar panels regenerates 25% of the electricity we use?
  • We’ve fitted energy-efficient LED lighting in all new stores, our Head Office and Distribution Center.
  • We’re on step closer to self-sustainable Head Office with our efficient cooling and heating system, motion-sensor energy-efficient lighting and a rainwater collection system.
  • Waste from our Head Office is generated into energy to power local homes.

Today - Continuing Ambition and Success

Pavers have grown into one of the most successful footwear retailers in the UK and one of the fastest-growing in Europe.

The Pavers story is important to us, born from a kitchen table and not a boardroom, it continues to marry ambition with success. Our homegrown heritage and family values will always remain firmly at the core of everything we do.