How to Wear Sandals: A Guide for Summer 2021

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How to Wear Sandals: A Guide for Summer 2021

Sandals are a wardrobe essential for keeping cool and styling in the spring and summer months. Perfect for styling for daytimes, evening wear and even office wear, there is a sandal for every occasion! Sure to put a spring in your step, our latest collection of shoes includes evening sandals, strappy sandalsmule sandals and flat sandals, so there really is a pair of sandals for every foot. After a year spent in slippers, we are looking forward to feeling a welcome breeze on our toes as we start to venture outdoors again. Be it a rip-tape secured walking sandal for lengthy walks, a pull-on elasticated style for running errands or a slip-on toe post for a paddling on the beach, our newest offerings are perfect for every ‘socially distanced’ summer. As the time comes to start choosing your summer sandals, we take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about wearing sandals! 

Can you drive in sandals?

As safety is paramount, comfortable and practical footwear is a must when driving. When choosing to drive in sandals, a supportive, well-fitting pair is the best choice. Studies have shown that loose-fitting and slip-on styles such as flip-flops can increase braking time, so a pair with secure straps (which are ideally adjustable), and support, would be the best option. If you don’t feel comfortable driving in sandals but still want to say cool and comfortable in the car, opt for a fuller coverage shoe that has good ventilation for that fresh foot feeling whilst still being safe. 


Can I wear sandals for work?

Yes! In the summer months it can get very warm, and a great way to keep your feet cool at work is with a pair of smart sandals. For a smarter look, opt for a pair of sandals with a fuller coverage or a closed toe, which will still give great ventilation. Fuller coverage sandals team well with more formal trousers and dresses, which gives a more office-appropriate look. Sandals can work well in professional settings when styled appropriately, so we’d recommend avoiding sparkling or sequin detailing in order to keep the look smart, as this can allude more to evening wear. 

How to clean sandals.


Can you wear sandals with a dress?

Sandals and a dress are a match made in heaven for the warmer months! In both formal and casual settings, a dress is a perfect partner for a pair of sandals. Whether you're wearing block sandals or wearing wedge sandals, a comfortable boost of height can be a great choice for pairing with a dress for a party or evening occasion. Whereas flat slingback sandals and styles secured with riptape are an ideal choice for wearing during daytimes or where you might be on your feet more. A sandal in a neutral shade is a very versatile addition in any wardrobe, which you may find particularly useful when looking for a show to accompany brightly coloured, floral or patterned summer dresses.  If you want to add a touch of glamour to a dress whilst still being casual, try adding a pair of flat metallic sandals to give a subtle touch of shimmer whilst staying comfortable and relaxed, perfect for upcoming afternoons in the garden.


How to style strappy sandals 

Strappy sandals can create a striking silhouette whilst giving more support across the foot.  Perfect for teaming with midi and calf length dresses to show off the full beauty of the craftsmanship of the strappy sandals, opt for a pair with subtle embellishment to add twinkle to an evening look. If styling for a daytime occasion, look for pairs with elasticated straps which can make for effortless wear and easy put on. Great for longer days on your feet strappy sandals can help relieve pressure on the foot by distributing the pressure across the various straps. In addition to being a key trend for the warmer months, strappy sandals can be a great choice for long days on your feet. Strappy and cage inspired sandals can be a great investment as the trend is a popular sandal silhouette which returns every summer.  


How to wear coloured sandals

We love a splash of colour here at Pavers and think it is a great tool for expressing your personality. Although neutrals can be great wardrobe multi-taskers, you might be surprised by how much wear you can actually get from coloured styles too! Blacks, browns and beiges are great for pairing with many different looks and colours, but have you ever tried teaming navy and red? Or pink and green? It looks great! Look to colours that sit together in the colour wheel for complementing shades, or look for colours which sit directly opposite each other on the colour wheel for a striking, contrasting look. Rip up the style rule book and have fun experimenting with colours and statement pieces, the styling opportunities are endless! 


Why you shouldn’t wear socks and sandals

Here at Pavers, we believe everyone should wear what they feel their most comfortable in. Although some fashion rules may say that socks shouldn’t be teamed with sandals, if socks and sandals make you feel good then wear them! If you are wanting to pair your sandals with socks, we’d recommend not wearing slide sandals with socks and opting for a pair with buckle or riptape closure to ensure less chance of slippage. 

Can you wear sandals with skinny jeans? 

Jeans aren’t just for the cooler months, they look great in summer teamed with sandals, too. Skinny jeans look great paired with strappy tops or tunics, and a great sandal is the perfect finishing touch. If your jeans are skinny or fitted in silhouette, we would recommend opting for a more streamlined sandal shape to keep everything in proportion. However, if you’re wearing a wider leg trouser or ‘boyfriend-fit’ jean, a chunkier sandal may look best. Jeans are the perfect wardrobe staple to take you from day to night with ease. Team your skinny jeans with a floral blouse and toe-post sandals during the day, then switch into some embellished, strappy sandals for an instant evening update!

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