Stylish & Comfortable Sneakers for Work

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Stylish & Comfortable Sneakers for Work

The way we dress for work has changed significantly in the past couple of years. Depending on where you work, sneakers, which may once have been a dress code no-no around the office, have now found their way into many a workwear wardrobe.

For many used to working on their feet all day, comfortable sneakers for work are already a uniform staple. 

When it comes to wearing smart sneakers for work, two things are essential: comfort and style. The right pair of sneakers will see you perform your best (thanks to their clever comfort features) while also maintaining a sleek and chic appearance.

So, whether you’re looking for smart and comfy sneakers to step you through a busy shift, or to see you tackle everything on your desktop to-do list, we’ve got it covered. In this guide, we’ve picked out the hard-wearing, hard-working men’s and women’s smart sneakers that will see you through the nine-to-five (or even a twelve-hour shift) in total comfort and style. 

Can You Wear Sneakers to Work?

While it’s always a good idea to check the specific uniform guidelines at your place of work, many businesses have now begun to see smart-casual sneakers as a suitable footwear option for the office setting. This is great news for employees, who can now take full advantage of this comfortable and versatile style! 

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How to Wear Sneakers to Work?

When selecting your next work partners, consider the setting. Heading into the office? Style may be at the forefront of your desire. On your feet all day long? Comfort is the way to go. 

Of course, at Pavers, comfort and style go hand in hand. Thinking about your work setting will simply help you decide which pair to pick when faced with so many options!

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Smart Staples

Lace-up sneakers go a long way to smart dressing in the office, while the smooth uppers of these styles will send the right message: you mean business. 

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Added details, such as the side zip, of the above pair, along with lightweight, flexible soles and cushioned footbeds serve to make them stylish and comfortable additions to your workwear. 

An office setting affords a little flexibility when it comes to selecting a color too. Navy and tan are as classic as they come, but don’t be afraid to opt for light blue, pink, and neutral too! Whether you go for low-cut sneakers or high tops, achieve a sense of balance by pairing with black trousers to set the tone for the day ahead. 

Memory Foam Heroes

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Anticipating a long day on your feet? Memory foam sneakers will see you step lightly through your day.

Memory foam insoles offer cloud-like comfort underfoot, going one step further than other insoles in preventing aches and pains. Their ability to spring back into shape and ‘remember’ the shape of your foot makes them a great choice for days on the go, go, go.

This stylish pair keep comfort simple, offering a memory foam footbed, along with a flexible sole that will support your natural movement. Styled in a mixture of breathable mesh and synthetic suede uppers, they’re fastened courtesy of a quick zip, which means no more fumbling to fasten your shoes in the morning. Phew!

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Good For the Sole

Hybrid shoes offer a solution to stricter dress code guidelines. While these may look like ordinary pumps, there’s more to our wide-fit lightweight slip-on shoes than meets the eye. 

Constructed in a breathable mesh upper and set upon a lightweight trainer sole unit, they offer the comfort benefits of regular wide-fit sneakers. These lightweight pumps also benefit from a memory foam insole and a super slick and simple slip-on design. What’s not to love? 

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Lace It Up

Certain lace-up sneakers always manage to make smart casual style look easy. 

Take these lace-up sneakers for example. Styled with smooth uppers in three forever-classic shades, they fit the criteria of smart and comfortable sneakers to a ‘t’. Finished with matching laces, a flexible sole, and a cushioned footbed. 

To style, you can’t go wrong with a pair of slacks and a smart button-down shirt.

Wide Fit Slip-On Shoes

The Best of Both

Serving the best of both worlds, these may look like ordinary slip-on shoes, but their unique power comes from their hybrid design. 

Made with smooth uppers in a slip-on silhouette, this pair is set upon a lightweight and gripped sneaker sole.

Rising to meet the expectations of even the strictest workwear rules, these hybrid heroes will deliver the same comfort as your most casual pair of weekend sneakers. 

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Functional Favorites

In the workplace, it pays to be prepared. Especially practical for those who work outdoors, walking sneakers will help you tackle any task a busy agenda throws your way. 

Exceptionally hard-wearing, these walking sneakers are made with leather and breathable mesh uppers that are treated to be water resistant. Featuring a gripped tread, they’ll keep your feet firmly on the ground as you go about your day. 

Designed for long walks and days spent on your feet, they’re fully kitted out with all the comfort features you’d expect to find; from the cushioned footbed to the padded cuff to prevent uncomfortable rubbing. Even those who don’t work outdoors might consider the mighty benefits of wearing walking sneakers to work.

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