Time to Sparkle

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Time to Sparkle

The festive period is finally upon us, and that means the return of Christmas parties, office parties and wonderful winter weddings! In a world that has become increasingly more casual over the past two years, sometimes there is nothing better than donning your finest glad rags and having a fabulous time. Enthralled in a shimmering flurry of sequins and mince pies, some of the best occasions of the year happen around the Christmas period, so we have put together some of our favourite tips on occasion dressing. Spoiler, it involves a lot of sparkle! 

How do I know the dress code of a special occasion?

There are so many different types of occasion that it can be hard to know what the dress code is for them all! When an invite is received via the post, it is fair to suggest that the dress code will be smarter than an informal occasion. When it comes to a black tie or white tie event, the host will usually stipulate the dress code on the invitation to save any confusion. As for occasions when the invite is received via a phone call, email or text message, these are usually more casual occasions when informal dress is appropriate. 

What should the mother of the bride wear?

A wedding is a lovely occasion to have on the calendar. There is nothing better than joining together to witness a lovely wedding, and of course enjoying the fabulous after party with the happy couple! When it comes to what to wear as the mother of the bride, there are some wonderful options available on the high street and in the department stores. As a prominent figure in the wedding, you may be asked to include an element of the wedding colours to your ensemble, which is a sweet touch. When it comes to wedding guest shoes, comfort is key. A wedding can be a long day depending on timings, so it is important to feel comfortable and supported throughout the day. A leather court shoe is always a classic and elegant choice, and won’t wreak havoc on your feet. For all day comfort be sure to look for a cushioned insock, and give your shoes a gentle ‘wearing in’ period before the big day. 

Another suggestion is to have a pair of flat shoes on hand to swap into for the dance floor! 

What to wear to a company Christmas party?  

A Christmas party is a great reason to celebrate, whether it be with friends, family or your colleagues at work. The classic Christmas party of a dinner and dance is still very popular, and an elegant evening shoe with a touch of sparkle is a great choice to join in with the festivities. Adding a touch of glamour to everything from black trousers to an evening dress, a pair of shimmering occasion shoes gives a polished look to any outfit. Perfect for dancing beneath that disco ball!

What shoes to wear with a party dress?

A party during the festive months is the perfect time to don your finest evening or party dress. If you are going all out on the sparkle or sequins when it comes to the outfit, why not try keeping shoes subtle and muted to allow the look to shine? A pair of elegant leather court shoes are a great wardrobe staple, and you will be able to wear them for seasons and seasons to come. Or, look for a pair with a touch of embellishment to tie in with your elegant evening wear. When it comes to party dressing, there really are no fashion rules! If it feels comfortable and you love it, then go for it! You can never have too much sparkle at Christmas! 

How to get your feet ready for a party

If you are heading out to a party or a special occasion you may want to give your feet a little pamper in advance. A professional pedicure can be a true luxury, but there are also easy ways that you can give your feet a touch of TLC at home! Firstly, remove any remaining nail polish and give your feet a soak in a big bowl with warm water and a few drops of baby oil. Gently exfoliate your feet with a foot scrub or loofah to remove any dead skin, and then use a nail clipper and file to trim nails into the desired shape. Add a base coat of nail polish, followed by your desired shade, and top with a glossy topcoat for the ultimate shine. Finish with a blob of moisturiser and you are party ready! 


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