Slipper Care Guide

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Slipper Care Guide

There are few things in life as comforting as slipping your feet into a pair of cosy slippers after a long day on your feet. With many of us opting to stay home more than usual over the past few months, our slippers are possibly getting more use than previously. Here at Pavers, we have a whole host of fabulous ladies’ and gents’ slippers including snuggly full slippers, effortless mule slippers and adjustable touch fastening slippers available, but how is the best way to care for your slippers? In order to keep your trusty slippers in tip top condition for as long as possible, we have put together a handy care guide for tips on cleaning slippers, washing slippers and smelly slippers. 

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How often should I clean my slippers?

This is dependent on a few different factors. In order to keep odours at bay and keep your slippers in great condition, consider washing them once every month or so. It would be advisory to wash them more often if you wear slippers outside, or if you suffer with any kind of foot or toe fungus or foot odour. You might also want to consider washing them less if you always wear socks with your slippers, as they won’t have as much direct contact with your foot which is the main cause of pesty odours. 

How to clean slippers

When looking for how to wash your slippers, you first need to identify what your slippers are made from in order to treat them correctly. If your slippers are made from cotton or synthetic fabric, as many are, you can either machine wash or hand wash the slippers to revive them to their former glory. The first place to start is wiping down the soles which may have been worn outside. You can use baby wipes or a damp cloth with a gentle soap to remove any debris, mud or grit. The next step is to pre-treat any stains or marks. If you find your slippers may have a food stain or soiled interiors, use a high concentrate detergent to the area with your fingers or a soft brush or cloth and leave to work it’s magic for fifteen minutes, or per packet instructions, before washing. If you are machine washing your slippers, how is the time to add them into a warm water regular cycle with similar colours and fabrics, such as towels or dressing gowns. If you are hand washing your slippers, fill a sink or bowl with warm water and a small amount of detergent, allow them to soak in the liquids for around thirty minutes before removing them and squeezing out the excess liquid. Submerge the slippers in a fresh basin or clean water and rinse clean until no suds remain. Squeeze out any remaining water, you can use a towel to help, and allow the slippers to naturally dry so they return to their natural shape and form. 

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How to stop slippers from smelling

A lot of us have a pair of comforting slippers which we love to wear day in and day out, but this regular wearing can lead to unpleasant odours in the slippers. The single major factor that affects the smell of slippers is sweat, as your feet have a greater number of sweat glands than any other part of your body, around two hundred thousand in each foot. Naturally, our feet become sweaty when we wear slippers or shoes and eventually creates an odour. So how do we keep those smells at bay? The best way is to keep up with regular cleaning, which not only removes odours but removes bacteria, germs and grime from the slippers and keeps them in the best condition they can be. In between washes you can refresh your slippers with a reviving fabric spray, which are often scented with scents such as peppermint or freshly laundered cotton. For a completely natural version of this, try placing a piece of citrus peel inside the slippers overnight, which will give them a zesty citrus smell thanks to the naturally scented oils in citrus fruit. 

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Can you put slippers in the washing machine?

Depending on what your slippers are made from, yes! Many slippers can be washed in a regular washing machine, if they are made from cotton or synthetic fabrics. Add these to a load of similar shades and fabrics, such as towels, dressing gowns or pyjamas, for the best outcomes, and add your usual detergents or softeners. 

How to clean suede slippers

When it comes to cleaning suede slippers, extra attention needs to be paid. Just like caring for your favourite suede boots, they need to be handled with care. Firstly, use a soft suede brush to remove any debris or dirt from the surface of the slippers. If marks remain, use a rubber or eraser to gently rub over the stains for a more even appearance. Finally, finish with a specialist suede spray to protect against further marks. 

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How to clean sheepskin slippers

A commonly asked question is ‘can you wash sheepskin slippers?’. Yes, but sheepskin slippers need different care than those of cotton or synthetic fabrics, and should never be machine washed. Before wearing the sheepskin slippers, it is best practice to apply a protective spray to them which is specifically designed for use on sheepskin and suede. This spray will help repel liquids and soiling and will keep them looking newer for longer. If you find that you have debris such as food or mud on your slippers, remove it using a suede brush, following the natural nap of the fabric. You can take sheepskin slippers for professional cleaning, but never use harsh chemicals or cleaning products on them yourself at home. Invest in some specialist sheepskin shampoo if possible, if not a very soft baby shampoo can work well, and use a small cloth or apply the product to the sheepskin linings of the slippers. Go over the areas again with a clean, damp cloth (never run slippers directly under a tap) and place them on a towel to air dry. 

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