A Day in the Life at Pavers TV

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A Day in the Life at Pavers TV

Pavers TV has been brightening our screens for over a decade now, as we have filmed thousands of shows over the years we thought it was about time you got exclusive backstage access at our very own TV studio. 

Catch up with our presenters John, Shelagh, and Debbie, and the TV crew as they get ready for a day on set ...

A Peak Behind the Camera

The team at Pavers TV love to bring you the latest and greatest products as soon as they land, while of course offering you expert advice on how to style your shoes. 

There’s plenty of work that goes on behind the scenes before the cameras even start rolling, from finding the perfect products to star in the show to writing the scripts and building the set ready for a busy day of filming. We have a dedicated crew that work tirelessly behind the camera to bring you the shoes of the moment and to inspire your style for every occasion of the year!

“One thing I love about working at the TV studio, is that there isn’t a typical day! It’s a fun environment to work in with the presenters and crew! 
On set, we make sure our shoes are ready for filming, we brief the presenting team, and make sure the day runs as smoothly as possible.
We film different seasonal content throughout the year, like our Christmas shows and plan styling videos too. The team also works behind the scenes on our Facebook live shows.
After a busy day of filming, all the shows are then edited and uploaded to our website and YouTube channel.”

Lorna, Product Publications Planner

Where Can I Watch Pavers TV?

Catching up with the latest shows from Pavers TV is really easy! Last year we launched a dedicated YouTube channel so you can tune into your favourite shoe show at any time of the day, wherever you are!

Watch and shop on your smart TV, phone, tablet or laptop, and keep up to date with our Facebook page for the latest news on our LIVE shows and events!

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