How to walk in wedge heels

If you’re new to walking in heels, wedges are a great place to start because they are considered more comfortable than stilettos. If you’re mastering the art of walking in wedge heels, focus on placing the heel of your foot down first before rolling through to the ball of your foot as you transfer your weight between steps. When the whole base of the shoe is on the floor, engage your core muscles to gain your balance before taking your next step.

Are wedge heels better for your feet?

Unlike flat sandals, wedge heels will help to redistribute your weight across your entire foot and provide additional support to areas like your arches. When choosing a pair of wedge sandals, it’s important to consider how comfortable you feel in them as ultimately, if you’re not comfortable you won’t enjoy wearing them. Look for wedge shoes with features like cushioned footbeds, lightweight heels, and adjustable fastenings as these will make them even easier to wear.

What to wear with wedge heels?

For a casual daytime look, wear wedges with your jeans and be sure to dress the look up with a pretty blouse, for a more conservative look opt for classic colours like blacks and browns, or for more of a statement go bold with sun-bright colours.

For a look that’s more elegant, wear wedge your sandals with pieces like maxi dresses and match the colours of your wedge sandals with bags or the prints in your outfit.