What are toe post sandals?

Also known as flip flops, toe post sandals are a design of shoe where the ‘post’ sits between the big toe and the rest of your toes. Toe post sandals take on many forms, from a classic, backless style that’s easy to slip on, or toe post sandals with a strap across the back for a secure fit. Toe posts even come in heeled or flat form making them the perfect summer sandals for dressing up or down!

How to soften toe post sandals

Flip flops are the care-free style staple of summer, but what should you do when your toe posts need to soften? Wear your toe posts around the house to break them in and mould the straps to fit your foot, wearing them for short periods of time will help keep your feet pain-free. For sandals with stiff straps, rub a little beeswax into leather linings, as this will help to soften the straps against your foot.