What is a slingback?

A slingback is a type of women’s shoe or sandal that is backless but features a single strap that crosses behind the heel and ankle so they don’t slip off your feet. Slingbacks sandals and shoes come in a variety of different styles including flats and heels with open or closed toes, suiting anything from casual to dressy occasions.

Are slingback shoes in style?

Absolutely. Slingback shoes and sandals are considered a classic footwear staple, suitable to wear for a wide range of occasions, they’re the shoes that will step you through every season, year after year. As for how to wear them, slip on a pair of slingback heels with a dress for an effortless (and comfortable) evening look, or slip on a flat pair of slingback sandals with your day dresses for an easy everyday option.

How should slingback shoes fit?

There are two important elements to look for when fitting slingback shoes, the shoe itself should not be too loose, as this can cause your feet to slip in and out causing painful blisters. Usually, you should be able to adjust the slingback to fit your foot, just make sure that the strap is not too tight around your heel as this can cause your toes to be squashed into the shoe. It is important to note where your foot fits with the shoe, make sure your heel is not hanging over the back of the shoe and your toes are not pressed against the front of your shoe.