How should sandals fit?

Avoid wearing sandals that are too loose on your feet as this can cause rubbing and painful blisters. Your whole foot should sit within the sandal, so ensure heels and toes do not protrude out of the sandal. It’s important to mention that in the sunny season feet tend to get hot and swell, so it’s best to take this in to account when trying on your next pair, we have many sandals in our collections with adjustable fastenings and elastic straps, so you can alter the fit as the weather heats up.

Can I wear sandals for work?

Working in a heatwave can be difficult, and dressing for work in the hot-weather can be a fine art to master, that’s where our sandals come in. Easy to slip on with work dresses and trousers, styles like wedge heel sandals, mules, and flat sandals are the perfect styles to wear for work. Just stick to classic colours like black, tan, or white as these will give a more traditional look and will easily match with your bags and accessories.