What are Mary Jane shoes?

Mary Jane shoes or bar shoes are a classic footwear style amongst ladies, made with closed toes, flat soles or low heels. A Mary Jane shoe is defined by the straps that reach across the instep of the foot, easily secured with either touch-fastening points, buckles, or buttons they offer a smart look to everyday outfits. Both practical and comfortable, the Mary Jane shoes offers a secure and adjustable fit with the help of its T-bar straps, traditionally Mary Jane shoes were crafted in black or patent leathers, but their style now takes on many forms including sporty trainers and occasion heels.


Are Mary Jane shoes in style?

Mary Janes offer up an abundance of styling options for formal and casual occasions. A black leather pair of Mary Janes can make a great option to wear for work whereas sporty Mary Jane trainers make a great option for walking and leisurely weekends. With so many different styles of Mary Jane shoes out there, you'd be completely forgiven for owning a few pairs, in fact as they are such a wardrobe staple, we'd thoroughly recommend it!


Why are they called Mary Janes?

The name was coined after the signature shoes worn by Mary Jane, a character in the Buster Brown comic strip which was popular in America in the 1900’s. Originally worn as a formal shoe by children, over the course of the last century Mary Jane shoes have grown to become an essential shoe amongst women. Although considered a traditional shoe, their style is often reinvented to suit modern trends, so look out for sporty trainers with elastic straps, bright coloured uppers, and block heels for a fun and fancy alternative to the classic shoes.