How to break in walking boots

Breaking in your boots is the best way to ensure that your boots remain comfortable when you’re on a walk or hike, so we’d recommend taking some time to wear your boots around the house, ahead of any long walks. This will help your walking boots to gently mould to fit the shape of your foot, giving a more comfortable walking experience.

How to clean walking boots

After a busy day’s walking, there’s a good chance that your boots are covered in dirt, to preserve your boots for your next adventure it’s vital that you care for your boots. Firstly, remove the laces and use a stiff-haired brush to dislodge any dried mud and wipe clean with a soft cloth and warm water. Leave your boots to air-dry naturally away from any heat sources.

How to choose walking boots

When choosing the best walking boots for you, it’s best to match your boots to the terrain you will be walking on. So, if you’re walking on flat paths go for a pair of hiking boots with lightweight soles, and for rough terrains, a pair of boots with deep grips and treads will ensure greater traction.